Rapidflash Blk EPDM Gry FF (175-330mm) 560x850mm

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A lead-free innovation. Rapid Flash™ replaces traditional lead-based flashings, incorporating our widely used Seldek rubber cone and a cleverly designed polymer-mesh that is free from toxic material. The base stretches up to 60%, allowing it to be used on almost any roof type, including tile, slate and metal. With a full butyl base, Rapid Flash™ creates a watertight seal to both the roof and the cone, for your peace of mind. The base is fully UV resistant and can be painted to match your roof colour. Rapid Flash™ is a lightweight solution and non-toxic, removing any health and safety concerns. The innovative and installer focused design of the Rapid Flash™ reducing installing time by 50% when compared to traditional lead-based solutions.
Pipe Size: 175 - 330mm
Pitch: 0-40°
Base Size: 560 x 850mm